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At Rahber, our mission is clear to illuminate the path of potential achievers. The process begins with students, full of ambition and potential, applying through our streamlined application system. Rahber’s dedicated team then meticulously reviews each application, ensuring that deserving candidates, irrespective of their backgrounds, are identified. Successful applicants are awarded scholarships, becoming beneficiaries of our unwavering commitment to education and empowerment. But our involvement doesn’t end at providing financial support. Through consistent guidance, mentorship, and resources, we ensure that these students not only access quality education but also flourish in their chosen fields. In essence, with Rahber by their side, many transform their dreams into tangible successes.

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Bridging the Gender Divide

In a world where gender equality signifies equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities for all, Pakistan still grapples with vast disparities. Ranked alarmingly low on global gender indices, Pakistan faces challenges where its very constitution ensures non-discrimination in employment, emphasizing gender neutral opportunities. Yet, the ground reality differs, with gender disparity evident in households, from food distribution to access to education and healthcare. While religious minority and indigenous communities face even more discrimination, Rahber The Advisor steps in to bridge this gap. We tirelessly work for the underprivileged, emphasizing girls’ education and women’s empowerment, ensuring they rise above the constraints to harness their rightful potential.

I'm Kashif Elvin. I am from Faisalabad, Pakistan. System Manager of the online Education system of Rahber. I'm constantly striving to improve the system so that deserving talented students in Pakistan can be successful and cause pride and progress for the country and the nation.

Rahber the Advisor (Online Education System) 

Rahber online Education System

Rahber-The Advisor (online education system) is
more of a passion than a project. There are many efforts involved in its completion. From its inception to the present day and into the future, we strive to offer our services day and night for its betterment. The people of backward areas and countries like Pakistan and all over the world those are suffering from only one compulsion. Lack of resources and insecurity. If we want to overcome all these difficulties, we have to give priority only to Education and Skills at the same time, the Rahber-The Advisor is trying to spread the light of awareness like a beacon. From the beginning until today, we have continued to strive to further strengthen and implement this idea. In which expert teachers and leaders have shown hard work and dedication. The ultimate goal of this mission is to help the deserving and the weak and provide them with education and training of international standard.
The primary purpose of attracting children to online education is to create facilities for girls and boys who are in the race to acquire education by traveling long distances. Girls, on the other hand, often have difficulty getting an education outside the home, which makes them out of the race very quickly. Which is enviable in this age of innovation. Therefore, our clear mission is that no child should be deprived of education in this age for any reason.
Keeping them connected to the modern lifestyle and enabling them to support others in the future. Because our goal is not to feed the fish, but to teach them how to catch it.

Online Teaching Staff

1. Haroon Iqbal MA English M.Ed

2. Kashif Alvin MSc computer Sciences Mathematics

3. Luciana MSc IT

4. Werdha Khan MSc Biology

5. Dr Dawood Samuel MBBS

6. Eshrat Malik M.Sc Physics

7. Emmanuel Siraj MA English M.Ed

8. Aneel Danial

9. Sherish

10. Margaret Younes MA Urdu M.Ed

Kot LakhPat Tuition Lahore

Tharparkar Sindh

Food distribution in poor and needy people in Multan due to Covid-19, thank you for financial support Mr. Patras Sharif.

Independence Day celebration at Okara school

Helping Unprivileged Kids is Our Priority

St Charbel School, Kotri

books Distribution Ceremony


Medical camp

We collaborate with Corporate & NGO Partners to promote health awareness, conduct medical screenings, deliver consultations and provide access to prescription medicines for low-income, high-risk and underserved communities while building the capacity of local frontline health workers.


Okara School

Rahber is trying to Provide Quality education to Orphan kids in the City of Okara

Multan School

From birth to age eight, children take the first steps in a lifelong learning journey. Rahber speeds them on their way by designing, studying, supporting, and scaling up programs that enhance school readiness and success




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