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RAHBER the Advisor, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to transforming lives in developing countries by ensuring quality education and eradicating poverty. Recognizing that many earn less than $2 daily and lack educational resources, we aim to provide scholarships, career counseling, and global academic collaboration, striving to realize UNESCO's vision of equal and quality education for all

Our Vision

RAHBER the Advisor orchestrates both physical and online educational events, emphasizing counseling, guidance, and community-building, especially for marginalized communities. We believe education fosters prosperity, impacting both individual lives and the broader economy. Committed to inter-faith harmony, we train educators to promote peace and acceptance. Covering all education facets, our mission is global leadership in education with a strong emphasis on gender equality

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Helping Those In Need

Empowering women and supporting female students, we unite to uplift every girl, ensuring their dreams are never out of reach.

Help us strengthen the bond.

Join us in fortifying the bridge between Rahber and students, ensuring every youth receives unwavering help and steadfast support

At Rahber-The Advisor, we firmly believe in the transformative power of education, echoing UNESCO’s 1948 declaration that quality education is a fundamental right. Driven by this ethos, we have crafted a mission that revolves around life transformations, peace promotion, poverty eradication, and fostering sustainable development in developing countries, benefiting all, irrespective of gender.

As a non-governmental, non-profit, and apolitical charitable organization, our commitment runs deep. We pledge unwavering support, be it financial, advisory, or motivational, to the dedicated youth of third-world countries. Our efforts span the educational spectrum, from preschools to higher institutions, ensuring every individual gets a fair shot at realizing their potential.

In a world where many earn less than $2 a day, and countless children remain deprived of education due to financial hardships, Rahber stands as a beacon of hope. We serve as a vital platform, rallying resources to furnish a plethora of scholarship opportunities to the underprivileged youth. Our goal is simple yet profound: guide these children towards brighter futures by providing educational scholarships, career counselling, and pathways to renowned academic establishments.

We’re not just about education; we champion human rights. In alignment with UNESCO’s 1974 Declaration, we strive to ensure everyone, irrespective of gender, faith, or political inclination, can access and share knowledge freely. Our robust team of academic scholars and professionals collaborates globally, creating an international academic forum. Through this synergy, we’re developing innovative academic models and frameworks, aiming for a world where equal education isn’t a privilege but a norm.

But our endeavors don’t stop there. Rahber-The Advisor ventures into income-generating projects within agriculture and small businesses, targeting poverty reduction and the abolition of forced labor, especially in the most vulnerable communities.

Moreover, we’re acutely aware of the pressing environmental concerns our planet faces. With initiatives targeting global warming and climate change, we’re advocating for and actioning greener practices, from awareness campaigns to significant tree plantation drives, all in a bid to gift future generations a healthier world.

In essence, Rahber-The Advisor isn’t just an organization; it’s a movement, a promise, and a hope for a brighter, inclusive tomorrow.



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Rahber's commitment to education and empowerment has transformed countless lives, giving hope where there was none
Ayesha Iqbal
In a world filled with disparities, Rahber stands out as a beacon of equality, progress, and positive change
Samuel Dean

Meet our team

Emmanual Rafail Christian Founder & CEO

Dr. Angel Rafail Christian Co Founder & General Secretary

Board of Directors

Emmanual Rafail Christian
Dr. Angel Rafail Christian (MD)
Patres Sharif
Anees Ahmad

Board Of Higher Education and Planning

Prof. Dr. Mahboob Hussain PhD

Chairman Department of History and Pakistan study.

University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan 


Prof.Dr. Naimatullah Khilji PhD

Ex- Director Institute of Arts & Fashion Design

University of Sindh Pakistan +923363492347

Prof. Dr. Saeed Mangi PhD.

Director Institute of Arts & Fashion Design University

of Sindh Pakistan +923332845822 email:

Prof.Dr. Muhammad Saleh Jumani , BE (Pak) ME (Ger) PhD UK

Mehran University of Engineering & Technology

Sindh ,Pakistan +92-22-2771247 Mobile: +923334358798

Assist Prof. Aneel Kumar Bhatia PhD

Institute of Commerce University of Sindh Pakistan


Mumtaz Shah Professor of Psychology (Ret)

Tokyo University of Education Japan.

Tsukuba University Japan


Dr. Ehtisham Obed MBBS (FCPS)


Dr. Arun Asif PhD Bio Medical Engineering

Jeju National University (South Korea) +821073036991


Nancy Glidez. Lecturer at Sutton Collage London

Senior Education Administer Catholic Board of Education System

+447504721295 email :

Mushtaq Ali Channa (Psychologist)

Federal Public Service commission of Pakistan

(member British Psychologist Association)


Assist. Prof.Fozia Gulab (PhD Scholar)

Notre Dame Institute of Education Karachi

+923003734922 email: &

Assist. Prof. Dr Syed Hassan Ali PhD (UK)

IBA University Sukkur Sindh Pakistan +923361273249


Board of Advisory Primary Secondary Education in Pakistan

Dr. Asad Jalal (PhD) UK

Fritz Bohmler ( Lic. Oec USG) MBS.Sc Germany

Nixon N Bhatti (MBA) Pak

Amir Basher (MBA) Pak

Dr. Isaac Ashar (MBBS) Pak

Dr Shakil Waqqar PhD New Zealand

Cristina Tabassum M.Sc UK  

Shafique Sharif M.A

Haris Masih B.COM (Treasury Officer)

Margaret Younes BSc MA M.Ed

Farzana Shafique B.Ed. MA


Psychologist, Clinical, educational & career counselling & guidance

Abraham Yusuf Bsc (H) Psychology, Msc Psychology MSc clinical skill& integrative Psychotherapy Manchester University UK  

Nomita Clamtina*BSCS Psychology M.Sc (clinical psychology)  

Rizwana Shakh* M.Sc Psychology PGD (Clinical Psychology) 

*(all services are volunteer and online)

Medical Doctors and Personnel

1. Dr. Ehtisham Obed

2. Dr. Naved Tariq

3. Dr. Isaac Ashar

4. Dr. Solmoon

5. Dr.Emram Azara

6. Dr. Nida e Farah

7. Dr. Sumera David

8. Dr. Sara Naeem Paul

9. Dr Armita Jonathan

10. Dr. Mehek Mushtaq

11. Dr. Dawood Samuel

Online Teaching Staff

1. Haroon Iqbal MA English M.Ed

2. Margaret Younes MA Urdu M.Ed

3. Luciana MSc IT

4. Werdha Khan MSc Biology

5. Dr Dawood Samuel MBBS

6. Eshrat Malik M.Sc Physics

7. Emmanuel Siraj MA English M.Ed

8. Aneel Danial

9. Sherish

Administration and Management Officers

Harris Masih

Obed Kramat

Suneeta Obed

Emmanuel Siraj

Shakeel Michael

On Ground Staff

1. Nadeem Hameed Gill MA English M.Ed

2. Irum Tariq MA

3. Suneeta Asif BCS

4. Marriam Javid BCS

5. Kosur Arif BA

6. Mehwish Akram BA

7. Mehnaz Sultan MA

8. Roma Irshed BA

9. Aster Asif BA

10 Asifa Bashir BA

11. Mehwish Riaz BA

12. Sana Javid BA

13. Marriam BA

14. Shahbaz BA

15. Riffat Javid BA

16. Suneeta Obaid BA

17. Nadia Yousaf MA